The VenomDAO & subsidiary docs are a work in progress - we'll gradually improve them over the coming weeks.
VenomDAO & Subsidiary's are community-driven. Please visit the governing board to discuss the direction in which VenomDAO and all of it's subsidiaries will follow and read about how the community drives the governing here.

What is VenomDAO

VenomDAO is a community-driven, fair launched initiative. The release of the swaps under the VenomDao umbrella will not include any presales, seed rounds or unfair allocations to early investors or backers.
The intent is for VenomDAO to provide a cross chain, multi-product DeFi DAO. The initial launch of ViperSwap on the Harmony blockchain has opened the doors for seeing this intent become a reality.

What are the VenomDAO Subsidiaries

VenomDAO has desire to be across multiple blockchains, providing a community-driven, fair launched project on each.
  • ​ViperSwap​
    • ViperSwap was launched on March 8, 2021.
    • It runs on the Harmony blockchain, which is governed by the ONE token.
    • At launch, ViperSwap was released on the mainnet on block 10183471.
    • VIPER's launch price was $0.005.
  • ​CobraSwap​
    • CobraSwap was launch on July 27, 2021.
    • It runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which is governed by the BNB token.
    • At launch, CobraSwap was released on the mainnet on block 9507090.
    • COBRA's launch price was $0.005.


The tokenomics of VenomDAO are broken up amongst VenomDAO itself and each of the subsidiaries individually. You can view them below:
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