An overview of the ViperPit

What is ViperPit

ViperPit is a single staking pool where the PitBreeder smart contract routinely market buys VIPER tokens using earned LP fees and rewards the proceeds to everyone staking in the ViperPit based on their pool share.
In exchange for your staked VIPER, you will receive xVIPER. xVIPER and VIPER started at a 1:1 ratio, but as time goes on, rewards are paid out and xVIPER appreciates relative to VIPER. Withdrawing from the ViperPit will return VIPER in place of the xVIPER, returning the original staked amount plus any earned rewards.
Deposits & Withdrawals are 100% free (other than the minimal ONE transaction fee), and all rewards earned are 100% unlocked upon withdrawal.
The claim button forces the PitBreeder to market buy. Recently, though, there was a bot put in place to automate this process. Its transactions can be verified in this automated Telegram here.
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